The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures

The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures

A hilarious adventure game that pairs having a good time with doing good
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A nice family game where the main goal and challenge is to collect items and diamonds around a supermarket and store. In this game you can select a character from a nice family, you can be mom, dad, daughter or the son, Jess, Zach, Barry or Barbara. This family challenge can be played in different difficulty modes, easy, normal, or hard. You must enter a super market and move fast to collect all the items that you can find. During the game you can use a red arrow to help you find special items. To reach some diamonds you must jump high and find some secrets in the game.
This game allows you to start a game, to replay, to set options like music, sound, full screen, you can check top scores, you can check statistics and you can quit the game.
In order to play this game all you need is your keyboard, press right and left arrow keys to move right and left, press up arrow key to jump and down to crouch or bend, escape key will take you to the main menu. You must get into an elevator pressing up arrow key, this elevator will take you to new levels in the store.

Birgilio Rivera
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